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Introducing integrated commercial and  representation solutions 

We combine business mindfulness, commercial expertise, market segmentation and relevant strategies, enticing a sustainable growth and profitability to our clients.

Unlocking the Potential of Israel's Outgoing Tourism Market

In an era of unprecedented growth and diversification in Israel's outgoing tourism market, Hosborn emerges as a beacon of expertise and innovation. The dynamic landscape of this industry, characterized by an exponential increase in both volume and destinations, has led to a transformative evolution in the professional distributor network and local service providers.

Your Partner in Driving Remarkable Business Outcomes

At Hosborn, we harness this wave of change with our extensive industry knowledge and a focused commitment to delivering exceptional results. We specialize in empowering hotels, travel products, and destinations to achieve remarkable business outcomes. Our portfolio of services is designed to boost sales, drive revenue, enhance brand recognition, forge meaningful connections, and secure lasting success in regional and global markets.

Tailored Strategies for Lasting Success

With a substantial market presence, we are strategically positioned to establish crucial connections and effectively represent your interests to key decision-makers within travel agencies, tour operators, and direct consumers across your target markets. Recognizing that the diverse needs and expectations of our stakeholders demand a tailored approach, we take pride in designing personalized strategies aligned with your unique vision and requirements. At Hosborn, we're not just in the business of commercial representation; we're in the business of transforming your aspirations into tangible success stories.

hosborn representation

Elevating Hotels Commercial Representation 

Our marketplace presence and strategic understanding of the luxury travel commercial trends, sets a dynamic path to the representation of an out-of-the-ordinary range of products, services and experiences on the Israeli market.

Establishing sustainable relationships with our clients and partners based on expectations, reliability, clarity, expertise and knowhow is a key objective for us when representing you.   

Leveraging our profound understanding of luxury travel commercial trends, we offer an astute strategy to dynamically represent your products, services, and experiences within the Israeli market.

hosborn commercial represenation


Site Inspections & FAM Trips: Expertly organized site visits and familiarization trips to showcase your offerings.


Product Training & Webinars: Empower trade partners with knowledge, facilitated through our expansive database.


Destination Training: Equip your team with insights about the latest trends and essentials in the destination market.


Event & Roadshow Management: Crafting bespoke events, trainings, and workshops tailored to captivate your audience.


Collaborations with Trade Partners: Enhance visibility with brochure insertions and dedicated web spaces.


Negotiation Support: Expertise in contracting and commission negotiation to ensure optimal terms.


Booker Incentives: Strategically designed programs to incentivize and retain your sales personnel.


Tradeshow Representation: Professional representation at industry tradeshows, placing your brand in the spotlight.


Travel Trade Networking: Elevate your brand's positioning within the trade network.


Sales Reports: Comprehensive analytics and insights to measure and optimize performance.


Tactical Planning: Formulating strategic roadmaps to navigate and conquer the market.

hosborn commercial represenation
hosborn commercial representation
hosborn commercial representation
hosborn commercial representation


Tailoring Marketing Strategies for Effective 

At Hosborn, we meticulously design marketing strategies that are both realistic and aligned with your unique business vision, aspirations, and potential. Our paramount objective is to adeptly position your property within the local consumer market. By refining your brand image, crystallizing your product identity, and leveraging our active commercial network, we aim to galvanize demand and foster growth. 

From public relations to media management, we specialize in the creation of practical and attainable local strategies meticulously aligned with your business objectives, intentions, and capabilities.

Our primary mission is centered on ensuring the optimal positioning of your property within the local consumer market. This involves defining the desired image, comprehending the unique aspects of your product, and proactively driving demand through a well-connected and active commercial network. 



Custom Marketing Solutions: Tailored plans and strategic drivers designed to meet your specific needs.


Strategic Industry Alliances: Building partnerships with key industry players to amplify your reach and influence.


Digital Presence: Ensuring robust social media coverage on platforms that resonate with your audience, and featuring a dedicated section on the Hosborn website.


Product & Destination Innovation: Developing and elevating your offerings to meet the ever-evolving market demands.


Market Insight & Analysis: Providing cutting-edge market intelligence and benchmarking to stay ahead of the curve.


Localized Content Creation: Translation of collaterals and media assets to resonate with the local audience.


Strategic Communication: Formulating communication plans that emphasize your unique selling points, ensuring optimal product positioning.


Press Engagement: Organizing selective press trips to showcase your offerings and build lasting media relationships.


Digital Commerce & Social Strategy: Crafting a potent e-commerce blueprint and social media strategy tailored for local dynamics.

hosborn commercial representation
hosborn commercial representation
hosborn commercial representation
hosborn commercial representation

Public Relation Excellence

Boasting over two decades in the travel industry, Hosborn has cultivated invaluable relationships with key press and media stakeholders. Our deep-rooted expertise empowers us to design bespoke PR campaigns and host signature events that meet your specific objectives.

Our focus: Drive meaningful engagement and position your brand prominently in pertinent media landscapes.

hosborn commercial representation


Press Engagement: Expertly crafted press releases, ensuring effective distribution for maximum impact.


Crisis Management: Proactive and responsive communications strategies to navigate challenging situations.


Narrative Crafting: Developing compelling PR concepts and storytelling to resonate with your audience.


Press Expeditions: Seamless organization and coordination of press trips to showcase your offerings.


Client Spotlight: Curating client interviews and advertorials that highlight your brand's unique value propositions.


Event Mastery: Comprehensive planning, organization, and production of events that captivate and engage.


Media Collaborations: Ensuring your brand's inclusion in prominent media publications for amplified visibility.


Launching with Flair: Strategically unveiling product and destination launches to create buzz and anticipation.

hosborn commercial representation
hosborn commercial representation
hosborn commercial representation

Commercial Consulting

At Hosborn, we specialize in providing tailored consulting services for commercial representation within the hospitality sector. Drawing upon years of industry expertise, we guide owners, developers, and operators in carving out a prominent commercial presence in their target markets. Our nuanced understanding ensures that your offerings are not just presented, but strategically positioned to resonate with your desired audience.


Market Analysis: Delve into specific market segments to identify potential opportunities and niches for representation.


Competitive Positioning: Assess how your brand stacks up against competitors, identifying unique selling propositions for differentiation.


-Performance Metrics: Establish and analyze key performance indicators specific to commercial representation.


Strategic Sales Planning: Design targeted sales strategies to enhance brand visibility and customer engagement.


Marketing Blueprint: Craft marketing plans that echo with the commercial ethos of the brand.


Trade Relationship Building: Forge and nurture beneficial relationships within the travel and hospitality trade sectors.


Channel Optimization: Recommend and implement the most effective channels for commercial representation.


Team Building Consultancy: Advise on assembling a dedicated commercial representation team that aligns with your brand's vision.

hosborn commercial representation
hosborn commercial representation













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